2X MRR with inbound marketing

How we generated demand and captured SQLs with content strategy, SEO and paid ads.

The partner

Founded in 2016, ViviWorks, an Oulu-based company, is one of the best performing startups in Finland and in 3D technology. It is a SaaS platform specializing in 3D visualization for retailers and brands.

The company has cutting-edge technology behind its 3D platforms and a team of experts in 3D. VividWorks has been the go-to partner for the leading global retailers in the Nordic and European countries. Their client list includes K-rauta, BoConcept, Lundia, Bohus, EM Home, etc.

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"The expertise, professional manners, agile process are top-notch. And on top of that it is the TEAM! They are creative, flexible, have deep knowledge and dedicated. You feel like you work with your own in-house team.”

Ksenia Valensia
Growth Maketing Manager,  VividWorks Oy

The challenge

The nature of the solution meant that they were dealing with a different SaaS sales cycle, which is about acquiring free trials and converting them to subscriptions. Instead, they were navigating a complex, long-term sales process, with deals starting from  $10K and requiring a minimum three-year contract. 

Their sales cycle is long and complex, involving multiple people of different roles in the buying process. The buying committee involves CEOs, product managers, sales managers, IT managers, and CFOs. Before our collaboration, Vividworks relied heavily on networking and direct sales. They had a small marketing team, lacking the resources and expertise for effective SEO and advertising.

The Strategy

Our strategy for Vividworks was multifaceted. Recognizing the need for a solid go-to-market strategy, we delved into their CRM data to identify their primary and secondary target audiences. Working closely with Ksenia, their Marketing Manager, and the Sales Manager, we helped them do user research by collecting data from sales calls, customer interviews, and more.

This analysis helped us construct detailed job-to-be-done buyer personas and understand where these individuals spent their time online and how they make purchase decisions internally. This allowed us to tailor our marketing channels and campaigns accordingly. Our go-to-market strategy defines three tiers of the target audience to focus on (80/20) and the value propositions for three tiers. Based on the GTM strategy, we built content strategy, ads strategy, and SEO that generate demands and convert to sales.

Tailored Ads for Every Funnel Stage

Regarding Ads Management, we took charge of their Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn ads, conducting thorough keyword research, audits, and campaign restructuring. We designed creative ads that catered to various stages of the funnel and resonated with different audience segments, constantly running A/B tests to refine our approach and find the most effective adverts.

We created image ads, and video ads that helped generate demand and close deals for VividWorks.

We combine Search Ads PPC and Social Ads (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram). We ensured the analytics and tracking were setup properly to ensure we have accurate data. Data is the foundation of our campaign structure, and optimization process.

Beyond the Basics: An SEO Makeover for Visibility and Engagement

For the SEO campaign, we developed a strategy centered around the pain points of their target audience, complemented by a robust content planning and link-building strategy. This involved conducting an SEO audit, fixing technical SEO issues, and improving their on-page meta tags. The on-page SEO helped their website optimize for search queries and converted searches to traffic.

Our content strategy helped the VividWorks team utilize their existing resource and expertise to create content that drove increased organic traffic and converted cold traffic into SQLs. After four months, the content and off-page SEO contributed to a 150% increase in organic traffic. For our SEO off-page package, we built backlinks for VividWorks from diversity links, backlink profiles, guest posting and niche edits. We built backlinks from high authority pages with DR50+. This strategy contributed to the gains of DR and keyword rankings.

The results

The results of our comprehensive marketing and SEO efforts were transformative for Vividworks. Within six months, we managed to triple the number of inbound leads. We increased 120% in SQLs (year-to-year).  We generate at least 12 high-quality SQLs/ month with inbound leads coming from medium and big-sized companies in Europe and the US. VividWorks got inbound leads from the biggest global brands in the world like P&G to the innovative startups in the UK that grew exponentially from $0 to $1M in 6 months. The MRR generated by these sales leads was 2X compared to 2022. 

We achieved  #2 rankings for category-defining keywords in the US, UK, and Europe, outperforming competitors with significantly larger budgets. This reduced our cost per lead by 80% and significantly enhanced Vividworks' authority in the industry. VividWorks' organic traffic increased 150% within four months of becoming our partner. 


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