We helped these teams and more with user research
Why us

Why do you need user research?

User research focuses on understanding peoples’ goals, problems, needs and beliefs. Insights from user research help companies create better experiences, and deliver greater business values.

Target the right audience
Identify the right problems, desires and beliefs of your customers
Convert leads to customers better
Increase retention and revenue
Build your community better
Increase brand loyalty

Who is customer research for?

User research is the secret sauce for marketers and founders for leveling up their customer acquisition, retention, and monetization game — regardless of the business model.

    Early-stage startups who are validating ideas
    Startups are working on product-market fit
    Hyper-growth companies who are redefining their growth strategy
    Companies that are launching new products
    Companies are expanding to new markets / segments
    How we can help you

    Our Process

    Pick your ideal customer profile

    For this stage, we will have a 1-hour workshop with you (and/or your sales, marketing team) to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and choose the customer segments you want to understand better.


    Conduct research

    The scope of work depends on the stage of your product and goals.
    Social listening and research

    Customer interview: We interview 2–3 people to have in-depth insights about their problems, desires, and uncertainty related to your product.

    Market research & trend research

    Competitor analysis

    Findings & Planning

    Our findings and recommendation for strategy will be presented in reports (documents) and executive summary.
    We build 2 - 3 buyer personas and develop a strategy (how and when to approach these buyer personas)


    A few words from our previous happy clients

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    “There have been immediate results, mainly in our user growth. ”
    Customer image
    Ikka Salo
    COO, Tesseract
    "They were really striving to delivering the best results. They really helped us refine our growth strategy."
    Customer image
    Ava Wright
    CEO, AreTheyHappy SaaS
    "...good skills in managing growth tasks, good reporting and have the ability to grow users and give me a lot of good insights..."
    Customer image
    Thai Tran
    CEO, Hei AI
    "..Helped us understand well of our customers when we plan to develop a new line of our travel app.."
    Customer image
    Vipul Kumar
    CEO, Uptriply


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    Still have questions?

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